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Numbers are going around in ‘The Numtums’

‘The Numtums’ is an animated TV series about ten small but lovely creatures called numtums. They are here to interest and introduce kids with numbers. This amazing animation was produced and directed at Beakus by Steve Smith, released in 2012 on Cbeebies, designed by Matthias Hoegg, and created in an unusual technique that combines 3D and 2D elements.All these reveals how many efforts was put to make this show interesting to every child. ‘The Numtums’ is a multi-platform short about 5 minutes long series that gives young children a foundation in basic numeracy and math. numtums watch, the numtums theme song, online learning for children, play online games for children, the numtums theme song,All these lessons are indirectly wrapped in a fun, energetic and irreverent format that attracts a lot of children’s attention. The Numtums aims to get our youngest audience members learning their numbers, because every numtum has its number from one to ten. They have got a number written on their tummies, so it is not really possible to confuse them even though they might look quite similar. The word ‘numtums’ consist of two worlds. First of them of course is ‘numbers’. All the series are about number so it is essential to mention it. The second one is ‘tummy’. It is a place where that numbers are located of each creature. All these interesting and original ideas make learning easy – it is nothing difficult to learn numbers; moreover, learning can be so fun. Kids do not even have to push themselves to remember any numbers. It comes simply; it is easy to remember just by having a good time while watching the series. Numtums are ready to develop kids, are you ready for it?

bbc cbeebies numtums, cbeebies numtums song, numtum 5, numtums, numtums 10,The Numtums are ten cuddly, lovely and friendly creatures with numbers on their tummies. They always love to dance, sing, dress-up, play, tickle, fly and the most, they love to count. All these activities they like doing with children so they invite you to join too. All the series starts with the basics of numeral recognition, it show number and many examples. If it is a day of number 4, it can be shown and pronounced four ice-creams, for chickens, four cars and many other children understandable examples.  After all the numbers are shown, series gently moves on to counting objects and identifying amounts in a variety of fun scenarios. It is a fun, fast, developing, interesting, positive and bright series that children love a lot.

Although the numtums teach only the basics of math, it is very important to learn it as early as possible. Because, as it is said, math is a key to so much: to ongoing life, to science and everywhere this may not be said about, reading, geography and so on. Kids, you are kindly invited to join “The numtums”, dance together, sing together, have fun and learn together. Learning is fun, does not matter how old you are. Cbbc player is ready; everything that parents have to do is press the button and run the series.

‘Cloudbabies’ – lovely friends that lead kids to the bed

Who is living on the clouds and polishes the sun, who is a friend with the moon, stars and rainbows? Yes, they are ‘Cloudbabies’. baba blue cloudbabies, baba yellow, bbc games play, bbc games to play, cb ee bi es, cbe e bies, cbeebies cbeebies,This animated series are quite short – only about ten minutes each of them but it is enough to make kids feel interested and sleepy later. These series are designed for pre-school kids to watch before going to the bed. So, it is a great way to make going to the bad each night at the same time. That is the first step toward a discipline but also a bit crazy life. It is recommended parents to watch series together with kids, because they might ask some questions. Basically, it is a sweet and positive children series which is developing understanding and imagination too. These short series will cheer up every kid and will help him to prepare for a night which is going to be calm and full of sweet dreams.

pink baba, play cbeebies games, talking baba yellow, the cloud babies, baba blue cloudbabies, baba yellow,‘Cloudbabies’ is a colorful series about four lovely, childlike and very sweet characters, Baba Pink, Baba Blue, Baba Yellow and Baba Green. Their names mean nothing but the color of Baba‘s. The color reflects their clothing and also a character. Even though all of them look very similar to each other, they have some differences. Baba Pink wears pink colored dress and she has a star on her head, dress and bed. Baba blue looks to be a boy and he wears blue colored costume with a moon on it, also on bed and head. Baba Yellow is a sun cloudbaby – she has a sun attributes. And the Baba Green loves green and light clouds. There are some more characters – the smallest one is Bobo White.  He is a mischievous little imp that lives in a house on a big fluffy cloud. The cloudbabies have a mission – to look after the sky. Each of them has a special figure of the sky to look after carefully. That is why they have god different marks. These cloud figures Sun, Moon, Rainbow, Fuffa Cloud and Little Stas are also their friends. They feel many adventures together and solve some childish problems as well.

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Cloudbabies are still very small characters, so you have to help them to pursue their mission – looking after sky. Otherwise, cloudbabies will have a lot of things to do. This colorful, fun, easy understanding and also educational series is a perfect to make the little ones get interested and involved. The series also promotes caring for others and the world around us, so only the positivity come out of the series. Also it introduces children to notions such as day and night, sun and moon, rainbow, sky and the stars and also friendship, goodness, unselfishness and so on. These new animated series currently are airing on CBeebies. So, do not miss a chance to get acquainted with the little friends from the sky. They could even invite you to visit them through dreams!

‘Junior Vets’ – the most amazing veterinary TV show

junior vet game, junior vet games, junior vets application, junior vets game, junior vets games,Britain is a nation that is in love with the animals. Actually, most of the people love them a lot. There are millions of pets and farms in the world and all of the animals need vets. That is why it is important to have enough clever and qualified vets to make sure – every animal that needs veterinary assistance will get it on time. So, it is important to publicize this kind of problems. CBBC has found probably the best way to make this problem public. There is a game – TV show created which is named ‘Junior Vets’. There were filmed over 10 episodes. Each episode takes about 30 minutes. But one episode involves much more than only half an hour actions. It combines kids and specialists, theory and practice. Although, kids are very young they can be real vets.  It is a real action show which develops youth to be sensitive to human and animals as well. So, this show is designed not only for kids but for everybody who cares about animals and their welfare.

junior vets tvo, watch junior vets online, bbc junior vets, cbbc be on a show junior vets, cbbc junior vets, cute dog games, dog care games,Six young, enthusiastic and ordinary kids have been chosen to participate in this TV show game. It is said, that there were thousand applicants who wanted to help injured animals and poor pets. But only the best have the opportunity to learn a lot about veterinary. Moreover, they have a chance to transfer their knowledge to the reality and practice. They have many challenges to face and overcome some barriers like helping vets with a caesarean on a pregnant cow, fitting a potential future champion foal with a microchip or assisting with the diagnosis of an injured lion, doing surgery and so on. The players have the best help – vets and animal experts at Edinburgh University’s Royal School of Veterinary Studies. They explains about many vet’s casual situations clearly to the players and to the show viewers as well. The show presenter is Alex Riley. He is an animal lover and great presenter. junior vets tv show, junior vets tvo, play dog games, watch junior vets online, anime series online watch free, anime series watch online,But… do not forget it is a game, not only a TV show. So, every young player has to compete and to reveal that he is the best vet not only because he is successful at this but also because he is sensitive, confident and calm. Children compete for the title of Head Junior Vet at the end of the series. Who will be the best young vet? CBBC will help you to find it out.

What is takes to be a vet? It is hard to imagine unless you have tried to. Working for the better world gives a lot to you back. The feeling that you just have saved animal or just have made its being better, is wonderful. It is a hard and tiresome job but healthy and happy animals and appreciated their owners smiles are the best reward for the efforts placed. So, turn on ‘Junior Vets’ show and learn together about being a vet and making animals happy.

Funny and unpredictable puppets at “Bear behaving badly”

“Bear behaving badly” is a British situation and live action comedy that were broadcasted between 2007 and 2010 by Teddington Studios. Ross Mullan and Simon Buckley are the voices of this sitcom. There are 4 seasons and 78 episodes for about 21 – 25 minutes long. Each of them has different situation that puppets and human are dealing with. There is a great opportunity for children to discover new things together with these lovely puppets. Puppets are quite similar to children; that is why they will find the best way to understand each bear behaving badly, bbc iplayer bear behaving badly, bear behaving badly actors, bear behaving badly cast, bear behaving badly characters,

Despite of the fact, that some of the characters are puppets, all of them speak human language. Moreover, they have human needs and feelings as well. The main character of the program is a bear puppet named Nev. But, the head of the show and the presenter is Barney Harwood. He is a BBC children’s television presenter and the owner of the flat where all the series’ actions take place. But the owner of the apartment block is Barney’s wealthy uncle Rupert Silverspoon. There are tree flats. Barny and Nev live in the first flat, Beatrice -in the second flat, and Mr. Prank, lives in third flat. Barney usually travels whatever he need by bus or by tricycle. Beatrice and Barney have kind of romantic relationships but it is quite specific. Beatrice is a college student and an assistant of an ice cream van. Mr. Prank is not very pleasant man. He does not like puppets (maybe because they are trying to get his ice creams) and it can be called an enemy of Nev. He kind of has an allergy to blue bears. Despite of that, Barney (who has good relations with Nev) has to stand and respect him because they are neighbors.

bears behaving badly, tv show episodes free, tv show episodes online free, Neville the Bear Nev,NevvieGuess who is small and blue? Of course it is a bear Nev. He just loves ice creams (luckily Barney‘s uncle Mr Prank has an ice cream van, which he usually parked outside the apartment block). Nev also loves socks and jam. Although, bear is not able to pronounce certain words correctly, he is still the best blue bear in the flat. Wait a minute… He is the only one blue bear in the flat. Another puppet in the flat is brown koala named Keith. He is usually called crazy and lives under the floor boards of Barney’s flat with his girlfriend Doris. Nev and Keith are the best friends. Keith is shown quite rarely because nobody except Nev, Barney and Beatrice knows about his and his girlfriend existence. He loves ice creams as well as Nev and adores pizza a lot.

Teddington Studios bear behaving badly games, bear behaving badly imdb, bear behaving badly iplayer, bear behaving badly melanie,“Love you Barney” “Love you too mate”  – these are the words how each series ends. It is one of few specific phrases you can hear often. Also, every series ends in the bed. Yes, roommates are sleeping together. They are discussing how the day was and going to sleep in a good mood.

‘Animals at work’ is an animal show that will surprise you

online tv episode, john barrownmanMost of us love animals. If you do, we have got something for you and your hobby. The show ‘Animals at work’ is created for animals lovers. Actually, it more orientated to the young viewers. The aim of it is to introduce them to the amazing world of animals with jobs. This show is an amazing co-production between Media Productions and NF – Cineplex. It is produced in association with the CBBC and Discovery HD. “Animals at work” show let you know a lot about specific animals all over the globe. It does not matter the pet is in USA or Japan, if he has incredible skills, he must to be shown to everybody.

animals at work episodes,The title of the show might be misleading. Animals are not forced to work, they just have an amazing ability which animals usually do not have. The show is about talented, unique and specials pets that surprise many people with their abilities around the world. Moreover, they help people to live easier – the show reveals the animals with extraordinary skills that make people’s lives easier and safer. All the series are presented by John Barrowman. He is very popular person – a Scottish – American actor, singer, dancer, presenter and writer. He holds both British and American citizenship and he is known in these countries.

Each series starts with the globe which shows a place where a new series’ pet – star is located. After that you will be introduced with his specific features like name, breed and occupation – his skill that describes why a pet is unique. These unusual pets can be a good companionsorassistants at home, e.g. sandwich delivery dog, dancing cockatoo, environmentally friendly orangutan, racing cat, farmyard security guard alpaca and so on. Basically, there are dancers, singers, friends, actors, models, housekeepingassistants among animals and they have got many other useful skills. It is quite difficult to guess, are these animals born with this skills or every of them can do the same? Probably it is a combinations of these two features but it is said “practice makes perfect”. So never stop practicing not only you pet but also yourself whatever you do best.

cbbc tv series,There are no doubts, you will be impressed and surprised not only about animals’ abilities but about pet lovers as well. Animals’ owners are so crazy about their lovely pets that usually they have many of them at home, they spend all the free time with pets and they love them more than others. The passion and love just radiate from the hosts and it is impossible not to get infected with this amazing and selfless love. The show teaches its young viewers about responsibility, because once you have a pet you must be fully responsible for him. Also, it teaches friendliness because having a friend humans and a friend pet there is not a huge difference. ‘Animals at work’ is full of positivity, so children have to turn it on.