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Meet the most amazing pets and friends in one in series ‘Me and my monsters’

my beloved monster and me, my monster and me, watch me and my monsters, british comedy about a family, british sitcom comedies,Having a pet at home is fun but having a monster is indescribably cool. Is it unbelievable, is not it? Come on – everything is possible. Carlson family has not only one monster but three. This is what the series ‘Me and my monsters’ is about. It is a children’s comedy television program which is both live – action comedy and puppetry. There are twenty six episodes for half an hour long. One episode is more interesting that another. It has been first screened on CBBC on 2010. It is still there – do not miss the chance to meet these amazing and incredible characters.

Once Carlson family moved from Australia to England, Eddie was dreaming about having a dog. But what he has found in England exceeded his expectations. Monsters that are living in the basement are not such kind of monsters that people should be scared of. They are friendly and positive, moreover they help all the family to adapt in England and they make the life of Carlson family more interesting and full of adventures. Basically, the series follows the adventures of the very common family. But all the members of Carlson family are not usual family because of their neighbors.british tv comedy, cbbc me and my monsters, me & my monsters, me and my monster, me and my monsters angela,

This family consists of four members. Eddie – the main character of the series, of course despite of the monsters. His full name is Edward and he is a 10 years-old boy. Eddie is the best friend with the monsters. Edward is first one and actually the person who knows that the monsters exist. So, he tries to keep this secret to his family as long as possible. Unluckily to his tries, soon the other member of the family found out about this secret. Angela is an older Eddie’s sister. She is quite cute teenager but she does not like the monster as well as their dad Nick. Nick not only does not like the monster – he actually hates them. But it is just because he does not know them more closely. Eddie’s mom Kate is also not a fun of the monsters but she is much nicer than Nick and Angela.

me and my monsters iplayer, me and my monsters videos, monsters inside me maggots in my head, my beloved monster and me, my family british comedy,Monster is a word that sounds scary. But once you meet these monsters you will not have any doubt – they are the best monsters in the world. Norman is a violet strange, unpredictable and quiet monster. He prefers being in his own world rather than being in the crowd. Haggis is a red, huge and sweet monster. He is very sensitive and fearful from inside although he looks to be tough from outside. Do not forget the third small monster Fiend. Although he is the smallest from the trio but he is the leader of this monster group. He talks a lot and every time. Monsters have got a deceptive appearance. They are not scary, – they are lovely. Moreover, monsters are looking forward to meet you! You will find ‘Me and my monsters’ on CBBC any time.

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12 Again- A Walk Down Memory Lane

12 again, cbbc iplayer, cbbc kids, cbbc shows,Celebrities live glamorous lives; lives most of us dream to have. However, not all of them were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They’ve had their share of troubles, dark secrets, prized goals and ambitions too. 12 Again goes back on those memorable and innocent childhood years to reveal what life was like at the age of 12 for some of our celebrities.

12 Again is a television show that used to air on CBBC. The show was presented by Iain Stirling.

The Show so far…

12 Again premiered almost a year and a half ago on 13th February 2012 during the half-term school holidays. The special invites to their debut show were Alexandra Burke, Jacqueline Wilson, Sam and Mark and One Direction.

12 Again episodes are 30 minutes long. There were new episodes each day. The month of April saw a few re-runs of the show. The first series comprised of a total 13 episodes. The last episode premiered on June 8th 2012.

The 2nd series of 12 Again commenced on 21st September 2013. It was telecast during the 5p.m. slot every Friday. The 2nd series also saw a total of 13 episodes. The second series ended on Friday, December 7th, 2012.

In the time period between the end of the 1st series and the beginning of the 2nd series, the makers organized an “End of Summer” special. Celebrity guests were made to revisit their most cherished summer memories when they were 12.  It premiered on September 3rd, 2012 at 5.45 pm.

Similar to the “End of Summer” special episode is a special “Halloween Episode” of 12 Again. It aired on 26th October 2012. It sheds light on the Halloween experiences of celebrity guests at the age of 12 – their favorite spooky songs, the television shows that terrorized them and their spooky costumes for their 12th Halloween.

A Brief Rundown of the Program

kids programmes, tv shows for kids, cbbc, www.cbbc,If you never had the chance to catch a 12 Again episode, here’s a brief outline of the theme of this program.

Each episode is structured like an interview a casual one though. It starts by giving us a sneak-peek into the general life of the celebrity guest. Close behind is the revelation we’ve all been waiting for – what life was at the age of 12. Celebrities uncover varied details about looks, preferences, school mischief and a lot more. Not to forget you also get a quick glance at celebrity mug shots of when they were twelve.

Celebrity guests also discuss the type of music, their favorite tracks and the music bands they listened to at the tender age of 12. An added bonus is you get to see a glimpse of the music video with tidbits of background information. They also disclose the TV shows they enjoyed watching as 12 year old.

Probing deeper into their memories and personal life are questions on their big moments are kids – the life-changing moments at the age of 12 they will cherish throughout life. And finally, the things they would like to change if given a chance to be 12 again.

12 Again is better known as a children’s television program. Nevertheless, it can be watched by young and old alike.

Adventures of Deadly 60

cbbc kids, bbc cbbc iplayer, cbbciplayer,On the famous and popular TV show, Deadly 60, the host of the show, Steve has traveled to almost all continents for finding the 60 of the utmost dreaded, lethal, venomous creatures on the planet, which includes Mexico’s dangerous squid “red devil”, giant Pacific octopus, tarantula hawk wasps, sharks, raccoon and a lot of other poisonous animals. Steve Backshall, who is an adventurer as well as a naturalist has a mission, who is ready to travel all over the globe searching for the deadliest and poisonous animals in the world. Viewers deadly 60, the deadly 60, deadly 60 series,will be able to experience very near encounters that have all types of striking wild animals; with every animal having dangerous traits, you will be able to see why these deadly animals are the king of the wild habitat. The viewers will feel the rush of adrenaline as they watch this show. Children are the main spectators of this show and they love this show a lot; they are very curious to know more about these deadly creatures and to explore the world of wild animals overall.

Showcases 3 Deadly, Poisonous Creatures Every Episode

deadly 60 animals, deadly 60 steve, steve deadly 60,This show has been presented in great impact with series of documentary on nature as well as wildlife. In every of its season, the most adventurous zoologist of Britain, Steve Backshall mostly travels all across the globe to choose 60 of the most poisonous, interesting and deadly species of animals, starting from the insects to some huge gigantic creatures, lot of predators, others only armed with poisonous, deadly and defensive ways. Each episode showcases at least 3 or even more of these deadly animals, along with the geographical conditions or the killing mode. Some of the additional episodes are also dedicated for the extras like “the making of”. From gigantic poisonous creatures to some deadly crocodiles in saltwater, their lethal attracts the host who is an expert of wildlife, Steve Backshall, goes to six different continents for 6 months for finding his list of the most 60 fatal animals in the world.

Showcases the Features of Deadly Animals

deadly 60 dash, cbbc iplayer, iplayer cbbc,Watching this program will enable us to know more about the characteristics as well as features of the deadly, poisonous animals in our habitat. The show, in fact, proves that whenever it comes to the survival battle or combat, size isn’t of any significance in such cases. On his mission in finding the creatures that many others totally avoid in their entire lifetime, Steve dares to encounter some of the animals which pack a powerful punch at their own environmental conditions. From plenty of things that are infamous to unexpected events, this lethal global venture looks out for oceans, deserts, savannas, islands, jungles and mountains to see sixty of the utmost deadly, yet fascinating creatures this planet has ever seen. Travelling all over Asia including India, and South Africa, Australia, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Europe, North America and South America, Steve encounters plenty of creatures in Deadly 60 whose distinct appearances as well as masterful skills of hunting make these animals the mind blowing beasts of the nature. Are you brave enough to meet these deadly animals now?

About the 4 O’Clock Club

4 o'clock club, british television shows, four o clock club, 4 oclock club,Premiered in the year 2012, the 4 O’Clock Club is an immensely popular television series for children. It was premiered on the CBBC – the BBC channel aimed at the 4 to 12 year old children. The show has been nominated by BAFTA.

The plot

The plot of the 4 O’Clock Club revolves around the two Carter brothers and rap music. Josh Carter is the primary lead. He is a 13 year old, mischievous and confident teenager who attends the Elmsbury High school. He has a fervent desire and dream of becoming a rapping star. There is just one problem. His elder brother, Nathan Carter. Nathan Carter used to be a student of the same school, a decade back. He had the same mischievous persona and rapping addiction. But, his conduct wasn’t received well in the school. He was a disgrace by the time he walked out of Elmsbury High. De-motivated, he opted for teacher training and his first job as an English teacher brought him back to Elmsbury High. He sees his own brother embarking on the same path he had 10 years back and hence tries to prevent him from doing the same. This results in frequent full blown conflicts between the two brothers, in the backdrop of their much beloved rap music.

 The main characters

4 clock club, tv series the british, o clock club, tv series british,The 4 O’Clock Club features an array of characters set in the backdrop of the Elmsbury High. Some of them are as follows:

  • Josh Carter, as mentioned before, is the main lead who wages a war against his own brother in his desire of becoming a rap star.
  • Nathan Carter is Josh’s elder brother, who was once a disgraced student of the Elmsbury High and now teaches English there. The title of the series, 4 O’Clock Club, refers to the post school detention class that is run by Nathan.
  • Melanie Poppy is the music teacher at Elmsbury High. Nathan Carter has had a crush on her since the time he joined the school as a teacher.
  • Ryan Wood features as one of Josh Carter’s best friends. He is a nerdy, guileless boy who is often manipulated by the more mischievous ones. He is a regular in the detention class.
  • Molly Taylor is an extremely loud and quite rude character who is a pupil of the same school. She too is a regular in the detention class.
  • Ash Newman is one of Josh’s best friends and a first grade troublemaker. As a result, he ends up in the detention class frequently. Characterized as vain, Ash is also seen to be teasing Ryan constantly.
  • Mr Byron is the headmaster of Elmsbury High. He had been disapproving of Nathan when he was a student. He featured as the headmaster only in the first series of the 4 O’Clock Club.

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This 4 O’Clock Club series had had its 1st season the in the year 2012, followed by the airing of the second season in the beginning of the year 2013. A third season of this series is in the pipeline. It is due to be released in the year 2014.