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About the 4 O’Clock Club

4 o'clock club, british television shows, four o clock club, 4 oclock club,Premiered in the year 2012, the 4 O’Clock Club is an immensely popular television series for children. It was premiered on the CBBC – the BBC channel aimed at the 4 to 12 year old children. The show has been nominated by BAFTA.

The plot

The plot of the 4 O’Clock Club revolves around the two Carter brothers and rap music. Josh Carter is the primary lead. He is a 13 year old, mischievous and confident teenager who attends the Elmsbury High school. He has a fervent desire and dream of becoming a rapping star. There is just one problem. His elder brother, Nathan Carter. Nathan Carter used to be a student of the same school, a decade back. He had the same mischievous persona and rapping addiction. But, his conduct wasn’t received well in the school. He was a disgrace by the time he walked out of Elmsbury High. De-motivated, he opted for teacher training and his first job as an English teacher brought him back to Elmsbury High. He sees his own brother embarking on the same path he had 10 years back and hence tries to prevent him from doing the same. This results in frequent full blown conflicts between the two brothers, in the backdrop of their much beloved rap music.

 The main characters

4 clock club, tv series the british, o clock club, tv series british,The 4 O’Clock Club features an array of characters set in the backdrop of the Elmsbury High. Some of them are as follows:

  • Josh Carter, as mentioned before, is the main lead who wages a war against his own brother in his desire of becoming a rap star.
  • Nathan Carter is Josh’s elder brother, who was once a disgraced student of the Elmsbury High and now teaches English there. The title of the series, 4 O’Clock Club, refers to the post school detention class that is run by Nathan.
  • Melanie Poppy is the music teacher at Elmsbury High. Nathan Carter has had a crush on her since the time he joined the school as a teacher.
  • Ryan Wood features as one of Josh Carter’s best friends. He is a nerdy, guileless boy who is often manipulated by the more mischievous ones. He is a regular in the detention class.
  • Molly Taylor is an extremely loud and quite rude character who is a pupil of the same school. She too is a regular in the detention class.
  • Ash Newman is one of Josh’s best friends and a first grade troublemaker. As a result, he ends up in the detention class frequently. Characterized as vain, Ash is also seen to be teasing Ryan constantly.
  • Mr Byron is the headmaster of Elmsbury High. He had been disapproving of Nathan when he was a student. He featured as the headmaster only in the first series of the 4 O’Clock Club.

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This 4 O’Clock Club series had had its 1st season the in the year 2012, followed by the airing of the second season in the beginning of the year 2013. A third season of this series is in the pipeline. It is due to be released in the year 2014.

OOglies: A Series of Fun Filled Stories

ooglies, the ooglies, childrens television, OOglies is the creation of two people- Nick Hopkin and Austin Low (creators of OOGlies). The idea jumped out of a bag of googly eyes, which Nick and Austin gave to their team as a source of inspiration. The very next day, their team returned with a bunch of household items wearing plastic eyes.  The result was hilarious and so is the idea of such characters. Soon the team started experimenting with sitcom-style scenarios and silly voices, which turned out well. OOglies were born out of a very basic yet a highly visual idea. The base of the act is slapstick comedy topped with creative stories.

Players Behind The Scene – OOglies

tv series for kids, shows for kids, shows for children,Nick and Austin presented their ideas to Anne Gilchrist, CBBC controller. In two weeks, they received the contract of creating 13-part series of OOglies. This stop-motion animation was first aired on 2009, August 10. Every episode being displayed is 15 minutes long. Tim Dann, Shelley Longworth and Peter Dickson have given their voices to the character of the series. Stories here are written by Austin Low, Nick Hopkin and Tim Dann.

A Series of Popular Gags

children tv shows, kids television, tv shows for kids,The episode starts with a silly safety announcement: “Attention all humans. The stunts you are about to witness have been performed by trained OOglies. Under no circumstances should children or silly adults attempt to do any of the actions you see in the programme.” The group of characters appears multiple times with similar gags. It’s fun to see them meet and pull yet another gag.

  • The clumsy Melonhead and Playful Grapes – A group playful green grapes are busy in activity (like skipping or sliding) until a heavy watermelon jump in from nowhere and ends up squashing the playing grapes.
  • Strawberry Lovers – Two strawberries are in love. They cannot meet each other, as they are standing on different counters. Male lover tries hard and built a spaghetti pool. In desire to get across, he falls and ends up being squashed.
  • Boo Potato – A naughty potato lays “traps” for other OOglies to come and watch. When the OOGlies are close to the trap, hiding potato jumps out and scares OOglies with a “BOO!”
  • The Cherry-aiders – A Bunch of cherries fly in an air ambulance to help a hurt Cookie OOglie. They wrap him in bandages, creating more trouble for the injured Cookie.
  • Mr. Bun and Racey Bacon – A slice of terrified bacon is trying to hide from bun, disguising itself. After its success of escaping from the bun, something bad happens to it in the end (such as being splashed with ketchup or water).
  • Stunt Tomato – A daredevil tomato wearing mask and cape tries to perform tricks for three little tomatoes, but ends up squashing himself on the rooftop.
  • Lonely Sprout – A sprout tries to befriend other OOglies but ends up failing. He tries to help other OOglies in action, but no one shows interest in him.

childrens tv, kids tv series, childrens shows,These are just a few episodes, there are many which are stuffed with comical and entertaining stories. So, if haven’t yet watched OOglies, you are really missing something.

Blue Peter – Famous and Popular Television Program for Kids

television for kids, tv programmes for children, tv kids programmes,Blue Peter is British broad casting (CBBC) program, exclusively meant for the kids. It was initially broadcasted nearly five and half decade ago, in the year 1958. Even though the show has a theme with a maritime name, its present set-up is in the shape of entertainment/ magazine show in anchor and spectator confrontations and moreover the renowned arts & crafts put up. It is aired in the CBBC channel. In its long history of broadcasting it has witnessed a number of presenters usually comprising of 2 men & 2 women at a time. The TV program uses a studio for the major program, frequently denoted as the Blue Peter Garden that is used throughout for outdoor activities or for the summer months. Barney Harwood and Helen Skeleton are the existing presenters.

The Content of the Program

the blue peter, kids tv programs, tv program for kids,The content of Blue Peter is broad ranging. A majority of the program are live broadcast, however normally it comprises of minimum of 1 filmed report. Its studio is always abuzz with activity like dance or music programs. In the period between the 1960’s and 2011, the programs were created at the British Broadcasting television center, and mostly at Studio1, Britain’s 4th biggest television studio, which also happened to be one of the biggest in the European continent. This facilitates Blue Peter to incorporate wide scale performance and demonstration inside the live program. From the 2007 September series of this program was aired from a tiny permanent set in Studio 2. But from the year 2009, the program started to once again utilize the bigger studios.

Blue Peter is the residence of famous celebrities interviews, free of charge games, amusing things to carry and the most recent news from the Helen Skeleton, Barney Harwood ( the presenters) and Barney ( the dog).

Some of the most popular Blue Peter shows aired on CBBC are presented below.

Blue Peter – You Decide

kids tv program, kids programs on tv, children tv programmes,This is an innovative show, offering the opportunity to choose your favorite individual as presenter. Nearly twenty thousand individuals expressed interest in joining the show, out of which only 10 were selected to participate in the “Blue Peter – You Decide” show. One of the members of the final 10 presenters is Andy, the Loughborough, born individual, who explained the possibility to become the next presenter, as a vision that came true. Some of the other individuals, who get in to the elite ten of are: Freddie, Ross, Isaac, EMMA, Ross, Kerrie, Hetite.

Blue Peter Backstage Diary

blue peter, blue peter presenters, blue peter presenter,It is an amusement filled program where the fun persists. It includes a lot of delightful things such as photos, videos, guest rumor, diary update and any other exclusives. You might have seen the performance given by the Punjabi Roots Academy to commemorate the hundred years of Bollywood. The program was aired on 10th June 2013 at 8 pm. It was a very useful program, which gave some valuable dance moves for the spectators to practice for the weekends.

In the end we can surely say, that the Blue Peter is an entertaining as well as an informative television program for kids.

League of Super Evil – one of BBC’s finest productions

the league of super evil, league of super evil, super league of evil,

CBBC is known to have some of the finest shows for kids aired on television for the world to see. The League of Super Evil is definitely one of them. While those who haven’t watched the show yet might think it is some reality show or an adventure trying to find the evil, let me just disappoint you by saying it is anything but that. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is anything less interesting.

The League of Super Evil is an animated show aired by CBBC. It hails all the way from Canada and is seen by viewers all over the world. The story of the League of Super Evil or “L.O.S.E.” as it is popularly known as, revolves around a clan of villains who have planned to take over their community or district in Metro town and eventually grow and take over the world with time too.

tv cartoon series, cbbc iplayer, iplayer cbbc,It in very interesting to know that their plan incorporated a variety of pranks for instance gluing a penny to the sidewalk. Most citizens in the show are seen living in suburban houses but The League of Super Evil has a hidden evil den. The series show that this particular league is frequently at odds with other villains in the show for instance Skullossus and also attempts to avoid getting killed by the superheroes in the Metro town.

The series has three seasons so far. The first began in the year 2009, last one ended in the year 2012 and it has been famous since the beginning. All three seasons have been hits and people are asking for more. Back in 2009, it even got premiered at Cartoon Network United States and thus catered to a very vast audience and viewers. Its ratings have always been on the top and the show has been very competitive with others making sure that its viewership only increases with time.

The league of super evil has intrigued children and young adults of all ages so much so that they wait for this show anxiously and are glued to their television screens while it is being aired. Its popularity became even more prominent when the show went on a full year hiatus in 2011 after the second season got aired.

cbbc bbc iplayer, cartoon for kids, tv programmes for children,When we say that the show is seen all over the world, we actually mean it. It is aired on Nickelodeon not only in Canada but also in countries where nobody would expect it to air for instance Spain, Netherlands and even Portugal. The League of Super Evils also airs on Cartoon Network, which is available in most of the countries in India, Southeast Asia, New Zealand, Australia and United States. The CBBC airs The League of Super Evil in United Kingdom, Canal Plus – in France. This speaks a lot about the popularity and the viewership of the show. If it is being watched in India as well as in France, it really is something to watch out for. The viewership is not only immense but diverse also.

Fun and Excitement through Dennis and Gnasher

dennis and gnasher, dennis & gnasher, dennis gnasher,

Dennis and Gnasher is a television series that is based on comic strips of “The Beano”. The series is meant for children in the age group of 5 to 10 years. The story is all about the adventures undertaken by the boy, Dennis and the dog, Gnasher.  52 episodes were aired on CBBC channel in between September, 2009 and March, 2010. The second series is going to be telecast in autumn, 2013. The characters that are present in the story include Dennis, Gnasher, Curly, Pie-Face, Mum, Dad and Bea (Dennis’ little sister).

Fun and excitement in every way

You can have great fun from the show where 2 of the UK’s top comic stars, Dennis & Gnasher are involved. The pals living in Beanotown would like to have as much fun as possible. The characters are specialized in questioning the rules all the time. They jump and cross lines so that the viewers will get great entertainment.  You can have unstoppable fun by becoming yourself a 10 year old kid by watching the show. Dennis and Gnasher are the cause for excitement. Dennis will invent new kinds of gadgets so that the life becomes very exciting.

Out of the box

childrens cbbc, children programmes, kids programmes,As you watch the fun filled Dennis and Gnasher television series, you will get great fun and excitement. It is true that Dennis and Gnasher are not role models for your kids. Clean and tidy approach is not liked by Dennis. Hence, they will not take a bath and they will not play silently. New games are invented to enjoy the game as per their likings regardless of the rules and boundaries.

About Gnasher

Gnasher who is of Abyssinian Wire-Haired Tripe Hound is the best buddy of Dennis. Together they explore the world in their own ways. Gnasher has great gnashing teeth which will certainly intimidate anyone in the town. Gnasher is obedient and will be willing to help and accomplish inventions by Dennis.

Other characters

gnasher and dennis, gnasher dennis, cbbc cartoon,Baby Bea is so cute. Bea’s greatest weapon is her nappy which is very deadly. It is quite unimaginable to dare to smell the nappy as it is aptly named as a stink bomb. You will understand from Bea that children can not only be heard and seen but also cannot be smelled.

Curly is another faithful accomplice of Dennis. He plays various kinds of musical instruments. Even there is danger surrounding Dennis, he manages in a smart way and will support Dennis in all kinds of ventures. Curly is a drummer and the Dennis team is the most popular band in the Beanotown.

children tv programmes, cbbc tv,Pie-Face is another favorite pal of Dennis. It is very difficult to figure out the best snack of Pie-Face. He plays guitar and is one of the key members of Dennis bandwagon. He is trustworthy pal and will stick with Dennis in all kinds of ventures. He is found to be eating all the time. Dad would like to enjoy a quiet life at home and mum is a hard working person. Dennis and Gnasher are certainly enjoyed by young and old.